Art & Design Cures Cancer Contest

Art Cures Cancer Contest

Art Cures Cancer FAQ & Terms

About Us
We are the Story of Cancer foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit founded by cancer survivor Marty Smith.

We are about to launch crowdfunding cancer research and The Cure Cancer Store where you can shop to cure cancer. Both websites launch on 10.1. We need great PR and products to support these cool new websites and ideas. You in?

We’ve set the contest up so risk to designers, artists and contestants is minimal. Ownership is retained, something that is very different from these kinds of contests run by big brands. We aren’t trying to get rich, we want to cure cancer. All proceeds should there ever be any will go to The Story of Cancer Foundation, our 501c3 nonprofit set up to fund, create and develop innovative ways to cure cancer.

Trust us because we are cancer survivors too, so we are people who know the value of TIME and LOVE. If you get rich that’s great. As long as a significant contribution to cancer research has been made we hope you DO get rich.

Finally you can trust us because we are two brothers (Martin and Drew Smith) who have helped several product developers become multimillionaires even as we’ve remained poor (strange that). We work for LOVE not money. Some may think such a philosophy is crazy, but we’ve done fine, have helped create products you probably know and love the work so life is good and you can trust us. Trust us NOT because I say so. Trust us because life is too short to do otherwise.

What can be submitted?

Artists and product designers can submit anything. If you have a product design great be sure to submit it. Don’t worry if you wouldn’t know a product design from your flipflops. If you have cool art you love and would like to share do so. The Cure Cancer community and our product developers will know how to turn your ideas, paintings, sketches or doodles into actual products.

Ownership = You
You (those who submit art, ideas and designs) always own what is submitted now and forever. You agree to allow the Story of Cancer Foundation to include and publish your ideas for this contest by clicking on our “Enter” button below. Use of your submission beyond this contest such as putting your doodle, drawing, painting or design on mousepads, shower curtains or glasses requires a product licensing agreement.

Who Pays = Us
We pay for all design enhancements and product development. Artists who wish may increase their licensing by contributing to production costs but no contribution is required or sought.

Artists who wish to own more of the product’s profits may negotiate a production cost share, but at least 51% of the product’s profits must go to help fund cancer research. Designers who agree to production cost share deals can receive up to 49% of profits IF they agree to share an equal percentage of production costs.

Follow The Money
The contest winner makes the first $5,000 in profits and agree to a 5 year licensing agreement after that paying you 10% of GROSS sales. All profits go to the Story of Cancer Foundation, our 501c3 nonprofit.

Prize money is reportable as income and so will be taxed by Uncle Sam.

Buying Samples
Depending on product costs we provide 2 to 5 samples free. Designers may purchase products at cost + 10% and agree to not be paid royalties on their purchases.

Original Ideas Only
Ideas submitted can’t be copies of existing copyrighted materials, products or ideas. All submissions must be “original” as defined by the artist’s ability to sign a legal document to their exclusive rights and ownership. Please DO NOT entangle The Story of Cancer Foundation in expensive lawsuits since our money has a much higher calling – curing cancer in our lifetime

Use of Our IP
Yes any Story of Cancer intellectual property may be used by artists and product designers in their submissions. Use of our content in no way deprecates an artist’s original vision.

Social Contest?
Our panel of 3 judges will select a group of “semi-finalists”. Semi-finalist product designs and ideas will be voted on by the Cure Cancer Community to determine 3 finalists. Our 3 judge panel will select the Grand Prize Winner.

Judges look for unique art, ideas, drawings, photographs or concepts that can become products. Some products may NOT be “produced” in the traditional sense. If an craft person wins we may BUY supplies directly from them. The intent is to meet product demand in a reasonable time (and reasonable keeps getting shorter).

The other criteria is how well does the product design, idea or concept speak to the hope, dream and aspiration of curing cancer in our lifetime. This is NOT to suggest practical and highly functional products will not win. Cancer patients, their friends and families have a host of specific needs. If your product helps make the cancer journey easier it will be much appreciated and may win.

Can Designers Donate Their Fees To Cancer Research
Product designers who wish may donate their licensing fees to cancer research or The Story of Cancer Foundation and we will handle the accounting, provide checks if needed and documentation for the IRS.

Contest Terms
Applicants agree that our Art Cures Cancer Contest is a contest of skill created for FUN and entertainment as such there can be NO DAMAGES and so no lawsuits over not winning.

Winners are not required to sign the production licensing deal offered, but winners do agree to the same licensing deal in reverse should anyone other than the Story of Cancer Foundation produce the winning design.

Winners can’t take the PR from the contest and run as we know no one who cares about curing cancer would do anyway. We want artists, product designers and the next Steve Jobs to know your brilliance is protected, safe and valued.

People in our company helped Magnetic Poetry Kit sell $40M in words on magnets and millions in paint with water Zen Boards, but if a winner wants to produce their idea with someone else they agree to a 10% perpetual license with the Story of Cancer Foundation.

Who May Enter
Contest laws vary by state and country. If entering this kind of “contest of skill” is against the law where you live please don’t enter. Any age can enter, but an adult must sign the licensing agreement.

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